4thdragon D-shirt


Whether you are a fan of dragons, a Game of Thrones addict or a fashionista with a twist — this D-shirt is an absolute must-have. It looks just as cool and mean as the image above, combining pitch black fabric with toxic but subtle green print. Goes well with any eye color: brown, blue, green, red… Btw, your bestie would love one too!


16 €
Available in tight fit for her and classic fit for him. Standard S, M, L and XL sizes. Black color only.
We currently deliver in Ljubljana, but if you drop us an e-mail to info@4thdragon.com, we will try to do better than that.

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Quality made

We have used high-quality materials and classic screen-print, so that the D-shirt won’t wear out easily. Just make sure not to wash it at temperatures above 30°C. Use a special laundry detergent for darks and avoid tumble drying and drying in direct sunlight. Turn inside out before ironing.

Graceful degradation

Nothing lasts forever and the D-shirt is no exception. But just like the original copper dragon got his green patina over centuries, some wear and tear will only add an extra dimension to your D-shirt. Simply follow the instructions and after the 798th wash your D-shirt will look better than ever.


Dragons are anything but friendly. They are mean menacing mofos and that's the way we like ’em. But in the production process we made sure to use environment and skin friendly materials (sorry, dragons!). We are also pretty sure this D-shirt wasn’t sewn at a third-world sweatshop.

The story about the 4th Dragon


Who is the 4th dragon?

The 4th dragon is the lost brother of the three dragons of the Game of Thrones. Seriously, no kidding! At the time of casting he was too young to perform in the show and since then he's grumbling and bitching around Ljubljana, spitting flames at tourists and locals. On his better days he’s sitting in the north-west corner of the Dragons Bridge and posing to tourists (be sure to catch the Ljubljana Castle in the background).

Seriously, what's with Ljubljana and its dragons?

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, which was once part of the ex-Yugoslavia and now a member of the EU, etc, etc... If you're reading this, you probably already know everything that there is to know about the home city of dragons. The old city center looks like a friggin fairy tale: medieval architecture, green river right in the heart of the city and a hilltop castle that looks like a dragons nest. Because it is. At least that's what we, locals, like to tell tourists while sitting by the Ljubljanica river and sipping a 4th beer well before gin'o'clock.

If you want to know more about Ljubljana and its dragons, you should visit some reliable sources. We're just trying to sell awesome D-shirts here.

Visit Ljubljana — Find everything you need for a pleasant stay in Ljubljana.
Ljubljana.si — Three legends about the origin of Ljubljana’s dragons.
About Dragons bridge — Wikipedia knows it all.

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